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Posted on 15th April 2021 by Ben Francis-Neun
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Bfn Cocktails Trio

Using the stunning cocktail range colours from Papermilldirect, these would make for a brilliant triptych of portraits to go up in your reception room, as a reminder of the brilliant flavours and looks of some of your favourite fancy cocktails!

Below I will show you how I made this trio of tasty tipples, though you could easily change these up to match your own favourite concoctions with just a little bit of imagination!

Papermilldirect wishes for you to please Drink Responsibly.


To make the same cocktails featured in this post, you will need the following card:

For the Purple Rain:

For the Blue Moon:

For the Bloody Mary:

For the background of all of my cocktails, I used the Ocean Blue Plain Card 240gsm, but you could switch it up with different colour schemes for each of your cocktail makes!

(*Why not purchase the Cocktail Mixed Card Pack and let your imagination run wild with all the cocktail possibilities you could make?)

You will also need the following craft supplies:

Bfn Cocktails 001

To start out any of your cocktails, you're going to want to cut out the shape of your glass - this could be anything from a square whiskey glass, to a rounded hi-ball tumbler. Find inspiration online or in your own kitchen cupboards! I did a selection of shapes out of the Gin Fizz Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm.

Define the shape of your glass by cutting out a smaller section from the inside, keeping the sides thinner, but a thicker edge at the top and bottom, where the glass would be thicker in real life (this gives the illusion of the way the light passes through the glass). Remember some glasses will have more rounded corners than others. Mix it up to suit your own style.

Bfn Cocktails 002

Next up, the base colour of your drink. Cut a shape just slightly smaller than the outside edge of your "glass", but covering the inner cut-out. Some cocktails will fill right to the top of the glass; others you may wish to leave a little gap at the top to give a bit of variation. Here I used the Purple Rain Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm, Blue Moon Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm, and Post Box Red Smooth Card 240gsm, to do just that!

Bfn Cocktails 003

Bfn Cocktails 004

This is the point where you can let your imagination fly! From ice-cubes to garnishes to glass decorations, you can add as much or as little as you like.

For my Purple Rain cocktail glass I wanted a lattice effect, so I cut thin strips of the Gin Fizz Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm and using some double-sided tape on the back of the glass cut-out I stuck them down in a diamond pattern, trimming them to size. On top of this I then stuck the Purple Rain cut-out, ready for a little extra.

I used the Iridescent White Glitter Card 220gsm to give a little sparkle to my ice-cubes, cutting out rough squares, but rounding off the corners, and used the New Lilac Smooth Card 240gsm to cut a wobbly line the width of my glass, to give the effect of a coloured sugared-rim; something iconic of the Purple Rain cocktail.

To finish off, I cut two long semi-circles, one slightly thinner than the other, out of my two yellow cards, to make a cute little lemon slice to pop into my cocktail. Stick all of these behind your cocktail with a little more tape and there you have your finished Purple Rain.

Bfn Cocktails 006

To my Blue Moon cocktail, I added a small straw, cut from the Christmas Red Plain Card 240gsm, another ice-cube, and to complete the rounded appearance of the glass, I cut a small rounded curve out of the Gin Fizz card to give the appearance of the light shining in the corner.

For this particular glass, I added a strip of Marine Blue Smooth 240gsm behind the cocktail layer, so that the glass looked a little more opaque.

Bfn Cocktails 007

Lastly, for my Bloody Mary, I used the Billiard Green Plain Card 210gsm to cut a long celery stick, using images I found online as reference, as well as repeating the effect of the small shine in the corner of the glass.

Cut your background to fit whatever frame you may wish to place these in, and there you are: three tasty looking cocktails, ready to adorn your walls with a fun, party atmosphere!

Bfn Cocktails 005

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