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Posted on 27th July 2015 by Barbara Daines
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batch making cards to sell

Hello everyone, Barbara here again, with a quick & easy tutorial for quick & easy batch making of handmade cards......you'll probably have guessed from past tutorials that I LOVE making cards in batches It's so good to start the process with a few sheets of card, and end up with a pile of lovely additions to your stock.  See my posts How to save time making your own cards and Batch Card Making Ideas for more ideas.

Handmade Card Tutorial

Anyway, here we go.....To make SIX cards you will need :-

9 sheets of white linen or white hammered card.

1 sheet of black smooth card.

A selection of image & sentiment stamps.

Foam & double-sided tape.

Scraps of pre-inked card in any colour.

1) Score and cut 6 sheets of Papermilldirect white linen card stock into 6" x 6" card bases.

2) Cut 3 x A4 sheets of white linen, into 6 pieces of 5.5" x 5.5" ....these are the 'toppers'.

3) Next I used a selection of sentiment stamps on each 'topper'......I always do this first, as I have been known to spend time perfecting a card, only to spoil it when putting the sentiment on......lessons learnt here! :-( When done, put all these to one side for later.

4) Now we come to the more interesting part. In a tutorial last year, I mentioned that I NEVER throw a scrap of card away, if I have inked & coloured it myself. That way, if I need any pieces for a project, I always have a lot to choose from. I chose 3 different colourways from my 'inky' box and chopped then into 6 pieces measuring 3.5" x 3.5"

5) Now is the time to choose the images.....I normally try to match up the image with the colours.

6) These were then mounted onto a sheet of black card..........


7) ........and chopped to leave a very thin border of black.

8) At this stage I got a tiny amount of bleach, and just highlighed the rooftops on the beach huts & log cabin.....you can see this on the finished cards.

9) Large white toppers were mounted onto double-sided foam tape, to give a little interest.

The coloured toppers were then adhered to the (almost) finished cards, and voila! SIX clean and simple cards which only took about 45 minutes to make.

Here are the finished results......hope you like them!

Catch you all soon, Barbara x

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