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Posted on 20th December 2019 by Barbara Moses
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Hello everyone,

christmas is upon us and I have put together a very simple christmas wall decor frame to make your space even more christmassy. You can let your imagination explode as you embelish or design your creation as you like.

You will need about 6 different card stock which are linked below.

You will also need the following items which you can find in most arts and crafts shops and on amazon.

  • shadow box frame
  • scatter crystals(optional)
  • black vinyl (optional)
  • craft tweezers
  • snow flake hole punch different sizes (optional)
  • craft pom poms (optional)

Finally you will need either the SVG cut file for the unicorn santa (if you have a cutting machine) or the pdf file (for hand cutting with a scissors) which is a free template on the design bundle website which I have also linked on this blog.

Unicorn Santa Hat

  • The unicorn template are in parts.
  • Firstly you will need to carefully cut out each part of the template if you are using the pdf template. If you have a cutting machine, the machine will do this for you.
  • If hand cutting, place each part of the template on your chosen colour card and cut them all out.
  • Open your box frame from the back, take the base of the frame out and turn it over. Choose the colour card you want to use as the surface on which you will place your unicorn.
  • cut out the exct size of card for the base then using you glue, carfully stick this unto the base.
  • The unicorn horn is the trickiest part. I would first arrange my unicorn parts on the base so that I can check that I have everything exactly where I want them and they are all alligned.
  • Use your tweezer to carfully pick each part of the unicorn, turn it over and neatly spread glue over it then place it back down where you got it from, making sure it is well positioned. I found it easiest starting with the horn as it was the part of the picture that was most out of the way and once it was secure, all the other parts were easier to pick up and position.
  • once you have secured all the parts of the unicorn, gently pour your scatter crystals into the box, replace the base and secure.

(Optional) If you want to personalise your frame, and you have a cutting machine that cuts vinyl, then follow the instructions for cutting and applying vinyl unto your glass frame.

I know you will enjoy making this christmas frame and will proudly display it in your living space as I have done. Share your creations by tagging @beulahpapercreations on instagram or facebook. I would love to see them. Please also feel free to connect with me on these social media channels - would love to hear from you. Ta xoxo

Beulah Paper Creations

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