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Posted on 27th October 2019 by Laura Roman
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You will need the following craft supplies:

You will also need:

  • a piece of greyboard or heavy card
  • scalloped circle die
  • letters die
  • twine
  • glue gun

First you need to choose your papers and add a piece of double-sided tape on one edge only on the inside of the paper.

Mvi 0507 Mov 000002840

Then fold the paper to make paper cones. Start folding one corner of the paper towards the centre to create the cone shape, as shown in the pictures.

Mvi 0507 Mov 000023120

Mvi 0507 Mov 000041440

Mvi 0507 Mov 000043400

Mvi 0507 Mov 000050320

Mvi 0507 Mov 000054560

Mvi 0508 Mov 000009080

Cut a circle from greyboard or heavy card, punch a hole in it and add the twine for hanging.

Mvi 0508 Mov 000029600

Take the paper cones and glue them onto the circle one by one.

Mvi 0508 Mov 000036000

Mvi 0508 Mov 000063320

Mvi 0508 Mov 000074800

Mvi 0508 Mov 000081160

Mvi 0509 Mov 000012400

For the next step I used Mai Tai Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm, Daiquiri Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm and Fleck Kraft Card 250gsm and cut a few narrow strips, that I curled using my scissors and a knitting needle, then glued them in the centre of the wreath, just to add an extra detail.

Mvi 0509 Mov 000023800

Mvi 0509 Mov 000042640

Mvi 0512 Mov 000020840

Mvi 0512 Mov 000023360

Mvi 0512 Mov 000026240

Mvi 0510 Mov 000026960

For the centre element I die-cut a scalloped circle from the Mixed Pack of A4 Non-Shed Glitter Card | 7 Sheets, glued a bit of hemp twine on it, die-cut a few letters to form the word BOO from Black Plain Card 240gsm and added them on top of the twine. If the letters don't stick on it, just glue them onto a piece of acetate paper then glue it on top of the twine using the glue gun.

Mvi 0515 Mov 000010760

Mvi 0515 Mov 000044720

Glue the element in the centre of the wreath and you're done!

You can also check my video tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

Mvi 0516 Mov 000024000

Mvi 0517 Mov 000003080

Mvi 0516 Mov 000011520

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