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Posted on 3rd February 2021 by Barbara Moses
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Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well. It's been a while since my last post which was the one where I shared a tutorial on rolled flowers and how to use them to make beautiful wall frames. Did you manage to make anything using rolled flowers?

I am always curious to know how people got into paper flowers because paper floristry is an emerging trend especially in UK. A lot of the responses I get is always around people discovering paper flowers while they were planning their own or family member's wedding and they wanted something different and unique.

So if you are one of those who loves to craft and use your skills to create beautiful decor for events and spaces, this one is for you. A flower filler is used to finish and round out your bouquet whether they are natural, silk or paper flowers. However filler flowers are also used to fill in gaps that appear whilst your are creating a flower installation on a flat surface e.g. a flower wall.

They are indispensable as they add fullness, texture and completeness to your work of art. This filler paper flower is so simple to make and produces such an amazing result. You will need Papermilldirect A4 and A3 card stock between 140 -300gsm in your choice of colour. I used:

You will also need:

  • glue gun
  • glue gun stick
  • and the EK success large retro flower punch which you can find on amazon
  • medium sized dowel rod


Use the punch to cut out several petals. Each flower will need at least 8 or 9 templates.

Take four templates and using your dowel rod, gently role around each petal so as to curve it a little bit. Only do this for the first four templates.

Take one of the template and taking two petals on opposite ends, bring them together. This will be easier if the petals have been curved slightly with the dowel rod. Because the petals are so small, it will be difficult to glue them together so take a third petal and apply glue to the sides and use this to hold the original two petals together. Do the same on the other side. Then finally glue the last petal. You should have a sort of pentagonal based pyramid that looks like the one in the picture.

Next place your pyramid on the second template, making sure that each edge of the pyramid is pointing to the middle of each petal.

Put a dab of glue across the middle of each petal and attach them to the body of your pyramid. Do this step one more time. Remember the glue goes across the middle of each petal. This will be the third petal you would have used.

On the fourth petal, place the glue at the bottom instead of the middle and then attach. This time you don't want your petals to be completely glued to the center. You want them to begin to open up.

On the fifth and for the rest of the templates, you will not longer need glue. Place the budding flower on each template making sure that the edge sits in the middle of each petal and gently squeeze the petals up towards the center. As you add more templates, it becomes harder to see how to place them properly because the flower is getting bigger. At this point I turn the flower over and start applying glue to the bottom of the flower then place the template on top. This way I can easily see whether or not the petals are properly aligned.

Do this until you've added all 8 or nine petals or till you get the look you want and there you have it. Mind you these flowers can be used as the main feature on a frame for example. I don't think they are limited to being only fillers.

I hope you enjoy making this one. If you do have a go at making it, please share you work by tagging me on IG or FB: and if you have any issues with making this one or any questions about paper flowers in general, do email me at I always love hearing from you.

Bloomingly yours

Barbara (aka Beulah)



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