An Introduction to Embossing Folders


Posted on 4th February 2014 by Ruth Hamilton
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A look at Embossing Folders

My blog post for Papermilldirect this month looks at embossing (ie embossing with folders in a machine) and how to use embossing folders for best effect.

I use the Xcut Xpress for this on a setting of 6 for smaller folders and 6.75 for A4 folders.

I have a selection of  all the beautiful colours of Papermilldirect cardstock and find them great for getting a clear embossed pattern every time.

I keep boxes of scrap card (colour grouped!) so I always have small pieces to work with as well as I tend to add smaller embossed elements to cards and other projects.

There are lots and lots of ways to use embossing folders which I will not be covering here but I may do in another post in the future ie inking your folder, using embossed/debossed card etc but in this post I'm going to show a few simple ideas to get started...

 Believe it or not I keep my embossing folders in their original packaging in clear plastic containers - grouped such as floral, male, symmetrical patterns etc.

 I use folders from various different companies.

Some folders are "frame" types are lend themselves to adding images, greetings or 3D elements in the centre.

Because I have made a sympathy card, the embossing does not need too much added to it. This style of card is best kept simple.
Others look well with 3D elements added on top.


            It's a good idea to combine folders for a different look..

Another tip is to emboss a piece of card before punching to give more texture to a project.


  tips for using embossing folders

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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Embossing Folders”

Kathleen Ogg

15th February 2014 at 4:15 pm

Brilliant ideas for storage of embossing folders also great suggestions for use of folders

Mrs. Marilyn Bennett

07th February 2014 at 9:23 am

Love the inspirational..........keep up the good work!

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