December 2023 Monthly Theme Box - Pure Paper

We’re doing things a little differently this month!
We’ve swapped out the card in our Monthly Theme Box and replaced it with our pure paper! Don’t worry though, we’re still filling the box right up to the top!

In our Pure Paper box, you will receive 150 sheets of A4 paper! In the Plain Paper range, we have 14 colours for you to use, with 10 sheets in every colour, in varying weights from 80GSM to 170GSM. In the Premium Paper range, you will receive x2 sheets of each colour and of course we wouldn’t forget a mystery mix of A6 paper!

We created this box with paper crafting in mind! Whether you’re looking into starting a new hobby, exploring more of our range, or maybe looking for a little gift? This gorgeous box will delight anyone who opens it up!
Here’s how we like to craft with paper:

Paper Flowers
There the IT craft at the moment and who wouldn’t want to make their own bouquets? Paper Flowers don’t wilt, can be made to any size, and come in every colour! Defy nature and start making your own. Our Pure Paper box offers two weights of paper meaning you can explore which weight works best for creating depth, movement, and contrast between the petals.

Tempted to start quilling but not sure if you want to buy pack of pre-cut strips? Our A4 sheets are easy to cut at home and give you the option of how thick to you want your strips to be. We recommend our 160gsm paper for quilling but have customers who love to work with the 80gsm too due to it’s flexibility. Our papers are died throughout so the colours comes through at every angle!

Create intricate origami! Whether you’re looking to create 1000 paper cranes, perfect your jumping frog, or just exploring the ancient art form, our Pure Paper Box will give you ample opportunity to crease, fold, and bend our paper until you get it right!

There’s no minimum subscription and no monthly contract with our Monthly boxes.

Our boxes are a one-time purchase, perfect if you’re wanting to buy it as a gift or just to test it out!

We even have previous boxes available so if you missed out on last month's theme there’s no need to panic.

There’s a new box every month so be sure to check back with us or join our Newsletter list and we’ll remind you!

Our box for December is Pure Paper, in the box you will receive:

X10 Sheets of A4 each:

Pastel Ivory Plain Card 160gsm
Pastel Canary Plain Card 160gsm

Lavender Plain Card 160gsm

Intensive Pink Plain Card 160gsm

Bubble-gum Pink Plain Card 170gsm

Intensive Red Plain Card 160gsm

Billiard Green Plain Card 160gsm

Pastel Lilac Plain Paper 80gsm
Pastel Pink Plain Paper 80gsm
Deep Yellow Plain Paper 80gsm
Mango Yellow Plain Paper 80gsm
Pastel Green Plain Paper 80gsm

Deep Green Plain Paper 80gsm
Deep Red Plain Paper 80gsm

x2 Sheets of A4 Premium Paper:

Ivory Paper Pearlised 120gsm
Ultra White Paper Pearlised 120gsm

Natural White Paper Pearlised 120gsm
Conchiglia Marina Parchment Paper 90gsm
Sabbia Marina Parchment Paper 90gsm


x20 A6 Paper Mystery Mix

Mystery Discount

Samples to match each A4 sheet of paper, this includes both premium, pearl, and classic paper. Altogether you will receive 19 samples to match up to each colour of paper.

Our despatch team will choose colours that complement the theme of the box as well as choosing the card or paper that they recommend. Due to the way the A6 card is selected we are unable to offer samples for the A6 mystery cards you may receive.

A discount code for your next box and a mystery discount code valid both codes are valid for 4 months after the release of the Monthly Theme Box.

  • Weight: Mixed
  • Sheet Sizes: A4
  • Texture / Finish: Plain

Buy As A Pack

Price: £18.00

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