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5”x7” Card Blanks

Papermilldirect supply a huge selection of card blanks in various sizes, and we always make sure to provide the craft supplies that we know you’re likely to need. Our 5x7 card blanks are a great example of this, as we know from experience that this is a popular size for papercraft enthusiasts. All of our 5x7 card blanks are single fold designs, which is the classic choice for card making, and this makes them particularly suitable for special occasion cards, birthday cards or Christmas cards. Because our blanks come pre-creased, it’s easy to achieve a professional finish, which ensures a great impression, and Papermilldirect can also supply craft envelopes to make sure your entire project looks first class.

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We pride ourselves on the diversity of our card blanks range, which is why our 5x7 card blanks come in such a wide array of colours, meaning you can create some contrasting combinations with our craft envelopes, or even theme both around the same colour or shade if you want. What we do keep uniform, though, is the quality of the card weight, which means you can go about decorating your cards safe in the knowledge that any adhesive you use won’t unduly warp the blank. You can also fill the interior of each blank with your own personal message, as we’ve purposefully left them plain to give you maximum creative freedom.

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When you order from our stock of 5x7 card blanks, you can depend upon FREE delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland if your total order cost reaches £60, and given the available options we have in terms of card, paper, blanks, envelopes and more, there should be no difficulty in qualifying for this offer. If you’re in need of a bit of creative stimulus, then be sure to have a look at our Facebook, Twitter, tutorials and blog pages, as there are plenty of guides and “how to” articles available that will soon help you to plan out what you need for your next project.

If you have any questions and can’t find the answer on our help page, then make sure you drop a member of our friendly team a call on 01539 735252 between the hours of 9.30 – 17.00 on weekdays. Someone will be happy to assist with your enquiry or answer any queries you have.