C6 PRO-DESIGN® Envelopes 120gsm

PRO-DESIGN® is a high white, super smooth paper which we have manufactured into envelopes.

Manufactured from high quality 120gsm paper, these envelopes are ideal for a professional and presentable look.

PRO-DESIGN® paper has ColorLok® Technology which is a true innovation which helps improve print results when using modern printing equipment. Not suitable for fountain pens. Please note we have limited stock.

Benefits of ColorLok® Technology:

  • Vivid colours- Up to 25% brighter colours for richer, truer images
  • Darker blacks- Up to 16% bolder blacks for extra sharpness.
  • Superior Dry Time- Up to 2.5 times faster drying inks for less smearing
  • Envelope Size: 114mm x 162mm
  • Weight: 120gsm
  • Usage: Fits A5 folded in half

Need help matching card blanks with envelopes? View our size guide.

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