FIMO Professional Modelling Clay - Black 454g

FIMO Professional is a premium range of polymer clay, developed specifically to help those working with clay at an advanced level. It can be moulded, sculpted, shaped, cut, rolled, textured and blended to create an almost unlimited array of FIMO designs.
Ideal for fine detail work, due to its hard yet pliable nature, FIMO Professional Polymer Clay can be used in combination with other FIMO ranges, including FIMO Soft and FIMO Effect. It is firmer than FIMO Soft and holds fine detail well.
• Especially for professionals, artists and advanced users
• Optimized colours with pure pigments
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Practical division into 8 portions for easy blending
• Compatible with FIMO soft, FIMO effect and FIMO professional doll art
• Large block, 454g (1lb)
• Infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessories and home deco items

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