FIMO Kids Set Funny Cactus

This Fimo Kids Set is an ideal start for your child's modelling experiments, allowing them to easily create simple and fun characters. Fimo Kids is a particularly soft handling and shaping formula of polymer clay.
Once your child's toy figures have been perfected simply bake in a conventional oven at 110°C for 30 minutes to set the polymer clay.

This pack contains 2 x 42g packs of Fimo Kids clay in colours Lime (51) and Brown (7), and step by step picture instructions.

Great For:
• form&play - combination of modelling and playing
• Especially soft modelling clay for little hands
• Exciting projects with detailed step-by-step instructions
• Fosters: Fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and role-playing games
• Decorative playing surface, funny stickers and gripping cut out templates increase the playing value of the set

This CE-Certified product is neutral smelling and has easy to open and resealable packaging, allowing the modeling clay which had already been used to be kept clean and safe from dirt and dust. The 8 years + warning on the packaging relates to the process of the FIMO being baked which requires oven-use. Not Suitable for children under 3.

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