Westmorland Spiral Bound A4 Portrait Sketch Book - Includes 4 weights of white paper

Westmorland Spiral Bound Sketch Book contains 10 sheets each of 100gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm and 170gsm paper with dividers.
Easy tear perforations for full a4 size sheets.
Ideal for beginner artists and experts alike!
This varied sketchbook aids budding artists to become accustomed to a multitude of paper weights all in the same sketch pad. Handily tabbed so you know which paper weight you are working with wherever you take your pad.

For the more experienced artist, the 4 weights of this sketch pad allow you to carry both light-weight sketching papers and heavy-weight drawing papers in the same pad. Meaning you're sketches and your masterpieces can all be kept in one place. Quickly outline your ideas with the lightweight pages at the front of the pad then take your time to turn them into masterpieces with our heavy-weight drawing paper at the back.

100GSM - A standard paper weight that everyone, including beginners, will be familiar with. These pages can be handy for warm-up sketching activities or practicing techniques. Suitable for light pencil, Charcoal, or pastels.
120GSM - This paper is slightly sturdier and will withstand a little wear and tear making the paper suitable for practicing light shading techniques. Suitable for pencil, Charcoal, or pastels.
140GSM - The weight of this paper allows artists to use a heavier hand with their techniques and begin to implement alternative media types. We recommend artists only use dry media with this weight of paper. May be suitable for light washes but buckling will occur when using watercolours and inks
170GSM - Similar to card the heavy weight of this paper makes it ideal for drawing and will tolerate a small amount of moisture to encourage blending or light washes but buckling may occur if using watercolours or inks.

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