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Small Square Card Blanks

Papermilldirect stock quality card blanks so you can make both large and small cards, and our blank square cards are just great for when you want to send out something like an RSVP or an invite. These small card blanks look incredibly trim and professional, coming pre-creased for ease of use as well. You can find examples of single fold, gatefold and trifold card blanks in our stock, giving you a great amount of choice, and remember that you can buy square envelopes to enclose them from us too. Whatever the specifics of your craft project may be, we have the supplies to meet your every need.

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Speaking of the square envelopes we have, our small blank square cards come in just as many colours and textures as they do, meaning that you can create some nice contrasts between card and envelope, or even match them up if you really want to. The weight of card that our blanks are made from has been deliberately chosen to dissuade whittling when glue is applied to the surface, so you should be able to add as many decorations to the front as you desire. The interior of each blank has been purposefully left without a message too, giving you an unblemished canvas for your project to let your imagination run riot.

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Papermilldirect strive to provide the best customer service that we can, which is why we offer FREE delivery on all orders of more than £60 to the UK mainland. Because of our huge selection of craft supplies, you should have no problem making up your order of small square card blanks to qualify for this offer, especially as we can also give you plenty of card making ideas for you to use in your projects. Our team includes lots of craft experts who regularly post step-by-step guides on our Facebook, Twitter, tutorials or blog pages, so if you’re running a little low on inspiration, or just want to try out a totally new card design that you’ve never tackled before, then we’re here to help.

If you’ve got any further questions about our card blanks and can’t find the answer on our dedicated help page, then feel free to get in touch with our team directly by calling 01539 735252. Our lines are open on weekdays between 9.30 – 17.00, or you can easily contact us via our website too.