Mercury Silver Pure Sparkle Card Blanks One Sided 300gsm

These 300gsm One-sided Sparkled range Card Blanks are pre-creased and ready for hand decorating your special occasion cards, invitations, birthday cards, Christmas cards and wedding stationery.

This range gives a touch of glamour to any project. The sparkling surface is sure to catch your eye. Ready to be decorated you can use a range of techniques from expert die cuts or embossing or fun embellishments and more glitter.

The blank insides enable you to send a personal touch in every card you create.

Papermilldirect have an extensive range of card blanks and envelopes. Here you can find cards in different sizes, colours, textures and folds for any card making purpose imaginable. Whether you are a card-making pro or just having fun with the kids, it is an activity enjoyed by all.

Need help matching card blanks with envelopes? View our size guide.

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Price: £7.63