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DL Card Blanks

Papermilldirect have a vast range of DL card blanks in stock for use alongside DL envelopes. “DL” is one of the most common standard sizes for cards and envelopes, being roughly equivalent in size to a folded sheet of A4 (around 110mm x 220mm) and serving as the mainstay option for the size of a letter. Our collection of DL card blanks comes in single fold, gatefold and trifold styles, so even though they share the same dimensions the aesthetic of the cards you make can be very different, allowing you to create an assortment of designs suitable for greeting cards, invitations or similar.

Buy a Wide Range of DL Card Blanks

Just like our craft envelopes, our DL card blanks come in a full spectrum of colours, and also plenty of textures as well. If you want something vivid and eye-catching, we have lots of options, as our coloured blanks use especially strong pigments. Equally, if you want to keep your cards limited in terms of colour palette, then we have more than enough styles to meet your needs, with some designs in simple white. To give you the best possible result when you’re decorating your blanks, they’re also created from high-quality weight card that will resist warping when you use glue on it. You can decide upon your own message too, as the interiors are blank, allowing for maximum customisation.

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At Papermilldirect, we always look to give you the best possible customer service, which means that we’ll offer you FREE delivery on all orders to the UK mainland that total £60 or more. Because we’re one of the largest providers of craft supplies in the UK and Europe, we’ve got plenty of available products to help you make up your order to this amount. If you take a look at our Facebook, Twitter, tutorials or blog pages, you’ll also find a huge assortment of guides to get your creative juices flowing, so you should have no trouble pinpointing what craft project you want to pursue next.

If you’ve got any questions about our DL card blanks, or any of our other products within our vast range, just have a look at our help page for more information, or you can also drop us a phone call on 01539 735252. Our lines are open Mon – Fri between 9.30am and 5pm, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your enquiry.