3D Wall Art


Posted on 26th June 2020 by Laura Roman
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For this project you will need the following card packs:

You will also need craft supplies:

  • craft knife
  • a frame (could be an old frame that you can re-use)
  • glue and some foam tape


Start by creating the paper gems. For these you need to cut a few strips of paper and glue them on top of each other like a sandwich. To make it easier try to cut the strips in the desired size for your gem. I tried working with a long strip and I can tell you the cutting will take you a looong time, so smaller is better :)




After creating your paper sandwiches take your craft knife and start making diagonal cuts on the sides of your gems so you can see all the lovely colours. You can keep the extra bits you cut off and maybe add them to your finished project.


The next step is to create your layers for the wall art. Trim a few pieces of card to match the width of the frame. I recommend mixing coloured card with glittered card. After trimming your card just start ripping the paper to create a wavy edge. Then all that's left to do is to assemble everything inside the frame. Use glue and foam tape to glue the paper inside the frame and add a bit of dimension.

The most important thing about making this project is to have fun :) No need to have a sketch before starting just let the paper help you decide how to assemble everything.


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