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Posted on 16th March 2020 by Laura Roman
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For this project you will need:

You will also need:

  • ribbon
  • double-sided tape / glue
  • scissors, ruler and craft knife

1. Trim one rectangle from green card measuring 9 1/4" x 4" (or 9 1/4" x 3 1/2", depending on how tall you want it to be) and add a strip of double-sided tape on one of the short sides.

Mvi 1255 Mov 000025480

Mvi 1256 Mov 000009720

2. Roll the rectangle and glue the ends together.

Mvi 1256 Mov 000030240

Mvi 1256 Mov 000047560

Mvi 1257 Mov 000003720

3. Trace the base of the hat onto the back of the card. I used a tape roll to trace it.

Mvi 1257 Mov 000020480

Mvi 1257 Mov 000029800

Mvi 1257 Mov 000040040

Mvi 1257 Mov 000044560

Mvi 1257 Mov 000055880

4. Trace the top side of the hat. I used a smaller roll of tape for this one.

Mvi 1257 Mov 000063480

Mvi 1257 Mov 000071240

Mvi 1257 Mov 000103480

Mvi 1257 Mov 000117680

Mvi 1257 Mov 000120480

5. Cut out the circles.

Mvi 1257 Mov 000120480

Mvi 1257 Mov 000130320

Mvi 1258 Mov 000001160

Mvi 1258 Mov 000006160

6. Use your craft knife and ruler to cut a few diagonals within the centre of the circle. For a more accurate result try to make as many sections as you can and resize the centre circle to be just a bit smaller (this will create a better fit when gluing inside the tube).

Mvi 1258 Mov 000060360

Mvi 1258 Mov 000143360

Mvi 1258 Mov 000155760

Mvi 1259 Mov 000000200

7. Use the scissors to snip the outer edge of the top circle.

Mvi 1259 Mov 000033040

Mvi 1259 Mov 000092240

Mvi 1259 Mov 000110120

Mvi 1261 Mov 000003240

8. Glue the top and bottom sides of the hat.

Mvi 1259 Mov 000007120

Mvi 1261 Mov 000003240

9. Embellish the hat to finish.

I decided to add some wide ribbon on one of them tied in a big bow. For another hat I created a belt using the black and glitter card. Have fun with it!

You can add the top hat onto a headband or a hair clip.

Mvi 1262 Mov 000027200

Mvi 1262 Mov 000039760

Mvi 1262 Mov 000049080

Mvi 1262 Mov 000071080

Mvi 1262 Mov 000076720

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