The Magic of Rolled Flowers


Posted on 28th April 2020 by Barbara Moses
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Hello everyone,

I hope this blog meets you all well. Not sure when this will go out but at the time of writing we are still on lockdown and hoping and praying for the best. Thank you to those of you who reached out to request my dahlia template. I hope to see your dahlias when they are done.

Since the lockdown began, one of the things I have been doing to keep my mind from wandering too far and to keep myself centered is crafting more and learning new skills. Today though, I will be sharing a very simple flower that you can make quite quickly - rolled flowers!

But what I am most excited about is all the beautiful things you can create with your rolled flowers. I made a lovely wall frame for a friend whose birthday is coming up in May and another one for my son as a visual reminder of his birth.

For the rolled flowers, I had to make quite a lot and needed to use different shades of purple and yellow card stock all of which I got from papermilldirect. Below is a list of cardstock I used and links to them:


You will need to plug in your hot glue gun so that it starts heating up unless yours heats up instantly. Mine needs times.

If you have a cutting machine, this will cut out the templates for you otherwise use your scissors to carefully cut out the flower template. Rolled flower templates are abundantly available free online. Just google it! There are websites where you can buy some pretty unique ones or you can make yours. Design bundles, etsy are just a few you can try.

Once you have cut out your templates, begin rolling them as shown in the photos below starting at the tip. You will notice that the end of your flower has a flat base. This will be the base that the rest of the flower will sit on. Here is a tip - depending on what you want to use your flower for, you can expand it or keep it tight. Once you finish rolling your flower but before gluing it to the base, you can gently release it and allow it to unroll itself. By doing this, the flower looks fuller. Be careful though, if your allow it to unroll itself too much, you will not get the desired look so you have got to find the right balance. Because of what I needed mine for, I kept some quite tight and some a little loose as you will see in the finished work.

Make more flowers than you need and if you will be using them on a frame, you will need to make different sizes. Once done, prepare your surface. In my case when I made the baby's feet frame, I cut out the baby's feet on my cricut maker although you can also do this by hand or draw it! I started with the big toe and as you can see I stuck a large flower here. You will continue to follow the outline of your shape and stick the flowers on. Remember you rolled some of your flowers tightly and some you let loose. As you place your flowers, you will be able to see where best to place the tight ones and where best to place the loose ones.

And that's it! Add any other embellishment you see fit.

I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below after reading and tell me if this is something you would like to try or if you have any questions you would like answered.

Bloomingly yours,


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