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Posted on 8th April 2020 by Barbara Moses
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To make the paper dahlia you will need the template which you can get from me by sending an email to the address at the end of this blog post.

You will also need the following card making supplies from Papermill Direct or any other cardstock between 160 and 240gsm:

This dahlia is very forgiving which is why I was able to get away with using card stock that was slightly heavier than I would normally use. But I so much love the navy blue and turquoise and had to use them.

Other tools you will need are:

  • Dowel rods or pencil, pen or even the sticks for your glue gun (I prefer the dowen rods and it is worth investing in these because they come in various sizes which is esential when changing the sizes of your flowers and they are very inexpensive).
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Ball tool and foam base

If you want to add texture to your flower, you may wish to add colour to the centre and edges of the petals using:

  • Distress ink
  • An applicator

This particular template was created by yours truly using inkscape. This is one I’m giving away for free so if you want it all you have to do is email me and I’ll tell you how to get it. You will notice that the flowers are three different sizes. They will be stackd one on top of the other in a staggard fashion starting with the largest flower.

First cut out your template. Next using your applicator, apply your chosen colour to the centre and edges of each petal. This gives your flower a rich texture once completed. Then use your dowel to curl the petal of each flower inward.

After curling each petal, leave out the two largest flowers. Place the other flowers on the foam mat and roll the ball tool over the centre of each of them so that the petals curl inwards.

Starting with the largest flower, place one on top of the other in a staggard fashion so that each petal sits in between the two petals of the flower below it.

When you get to the last two flowers, which are the smallest, place one into the other again in a staggared fashion. You may want to roll the ball tool over the very last petal becuase this needs to close tightly as much as possible. Place these last two petals into the the rest of the flower and you are done!

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Here's how I have used my dahlia to make an indoor wreath. I hope you enjoy making these flowers. Please do tag me if you post on facebook or instagram using the link below. It would be lovely to hear from you and some suggestions of what else you may like to see e.g. a particular flower or technique. Also to get the template for free, don't forget to email me at and I'll tell you how to get the template.

thank you


Beulah Paper Creations

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